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Goku (kakarot): As many people already know Goku is always the main character of Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. Ever since Goku was sent to earth he has had many villians try and stop him, even though he was supposed to destroy the Earth in the first place. The reason he didn't destroy the Earth was because his fake Grandpa Gohan had found him when he crash landed and raised him to be good. For years Goku was being taught all the secrets of Martial Arts and Karate, but eventually he became too strong for his Grandpa to train him so Goku was sent to see Master Roshi were he met his new friend Krillen(wich became his best friend in the future). Master Roshi had tought Goku the ancient move called the Kamehameha. This turned out to be very usefull in the future. Once Goku was an adult and facing a lot of enemies he ended up dieing and going to a place called King Kais Planet and there he met King Kai. King Kai was an important role in Goku's training as he taught him Kaoi-Ken and the Spirit Bomb. He used the Kaoi-Ken to destroy Vegeta and the Spirit Bomb (super powered of course) to destroy Buu.Throughout all of this Goku was becoming very strong and increasing in all kinds of levels. There are several kinds of stages goku and vegeta can transform into but they've only managed four. They are called super sayian levels. There is super sayian, asendant sayian, super sayian 3, and super sayian 4, of course there is always more but they have to train to get there.

Goku Jr.:Appearing in the very last episode of DBGT, Goku Jr. is the grandson of Pan. He is seen battling Vegeta's great-grandson in a tournament. Even with very little Saiya-jin blood, Goku Jr. can still go SSJ like the best of them.

Bardock: To many people (including many DBZ fans, Bardock is a big mystery. He is infact the genuine father of Kakarot (Goku. As you may know (from reading Goku's info), that when Goku was only a child Bardock made the decision for Goku to go to Earth and destroy it, but before Goku had even made it to Earth; Frieza wanted all sayians destroyed. When Frieza was trying to do this; it was the Brave Bardock that had stood up to Freiza and tried to stop him from doing so. This noble act however had led to the demise of both Goku's parents and all other sayians. Luckly Goku had been sent away before all of this and Bardocks death wasn't in vane.

Vegeta: Most people will think that Vegeta ia a pretty mysterious person and to tell you the truth he is. But if you know his life history like me, you can figure him out quickly. Vegeta is one of those men who is so obsessed with his pride and destroying kakarot that he wont team up with anyone or even stop once he's almost dead. This is exactly how Vegeta can be as strong as he can. Another thing that drives Vegeta to get stronger is the urge to destroy Kakarot. As most fans know, when Vegetas father (King Vegeta) was killed by Frieza, Vegeta had sworn to kill Frieza but knew he wasn't strong enough yet. He ended up working Frieza as his personal planet destroyers and up untill he went to earth to destroy Kakarot, he was continuing to endure the humiliation from frieza. Eventually all the z fighters including Goku and Vegeta had gone to Namek and tried to find the dragonballs. Vegeta ended up getting killled by Frieza,and brought back to life by the dragonballs. He noticed Goku as a super sayain and from there on he craved the power to be stronger than Goku. All in all the only reason Vegeta fights with the z fighters is to get back at Goku and kill him.

Vegeta Jr.:Making a cameo in the very last episode of DBGT, Vegeta Jr. battles Goku Jr. in a futuristic arena. Like Goku, he is also able to attain SSJ.

King Vegeta:King Vegeta is the father of the Saiya-jin bearing the same name. Unlike most Saiya-jin parents, he does not send his son to a distant world at birth, and fosters the boorish and stubborn Vegeta we all know and love. Although he is one of the strongest warriors on Planet Vegeta, Vegeta Ou is killed by Frieza rather easily.

Master Roshi: To some people Master Roshi may seem like a horny old man and obsessed with women, but to Goku and the rest of the DBGT characters he is a father figure and trainer. He has taught the legendary Kamehameha to Goku, Krillen, and Yamcha. He was also the one who made Goku as strong as he is today.

Krillen: Krillen is quite a young man and is different then Goku and Vegeta. On Earth there are some humans like Tein, Yamcha, and of course Krillen that have simmilar powers to that of Goku and Vegeta. Krillen can fly, shoot power blasts and fight like crazy, but on the downside he can't be nearly as strong as the sayians and he can't transform into a super sayian. Krillen is one of those guys who wants to be strong and wont give up till he can finish what has been started.

Yamcha: Yamcha is one of the DBZ fighters and is one of those thinks he so good fighter. He is crazy about Bulma and always wants to date with any women. When he's not trying to get a date he's traing once and awhile and when he's not barley training he's trying to get a date. Yamcha isn't very powerfull but he is one of the few that can do the Kamehameha tought by Master Roshi. Yamcha has never been able to keep up with Goku so he mostly trains with Tein and Krillen.

Yamcha:Yamcha is first introduced as a desert bandit that robs people as they pass through his wasteland abode. When he comes upon Goku and friends, he finds out about the Dragonballs and tags along so he can make a wish. (He gets very nervous around girls) However, he gets used to Bulma on their journeys, and loses his fear of women. He and Bulma are together for most of Dragonball and half of DBZ. Yamcha does not train much after the encounter with the Saiya-jins, yet remains capable fighter.

Tein: Tein is the only DBZ fighter to have a third eye and to some people that mat be creapy; but to the fans it makes him different. When Tein is set into high gear he can do a lot of damage with his Neo Tri-Beam attack wich obliterates a section of the ground; it can be as deep as 50 ft. Even though Tein hangs out with the Z fighters his really only friend is Chiatzu a 3ft child looking person who is quite powerfull. The two men have been through a lot ever since they met as teens.

Chaozu: A master telepath, Chaozu has the power to stop people in their tracks or communicate long-distance. Small and pale, he and Tenshinhan are the best of friends (They call each other brothers). Although he puts up a good fight in the original Dragonball series, his power level does not increase much with training; thus he is unable to keep up with the other Z warriors.

Dende:The lone survivor of his village, Dende was rescued by Krillin and Gohan from death in the Furiza saga (Although he later does get killed). After Kami merges with Piccolo, Dende assumes the role of Kami on earth, and creates his own set of Dragonballs. Unlike Piccolo and the other warrior Nameks, Dende is a healer. He has no fighting abilities, but possesses the power to heal others from the brink of death.

Gogeta:A favorite character among fans, Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta without the Potara earrings. He makes a short appearance in DBZ movie #12, and several more instances in DBGT. Gogeta doesn't waste a moment in battle, quite different from Gotenks and Vegetto who enjoy taking their sweet time.

Vegitto:With the use of the Potara earrings, Vegeta and Goku become Vegitto. Although he is not as arrogant as Gotenks, he does waste a lot of time, and his opponents often take advantage of this. The fusion is supposed to be permanent, but the laws of physics change once they enter Kid Buu. Vegetto differs from Gogeta, as Vegeta is the dominant form in the fusion.

Goten:Goten is the second son of Goku and Chi-Chi. He and Trunks spend most of their time together, and are very good friends. Goten exhibited high power when he went Super Saiya-jin at the age of seven. He bears a very strong resemblance of Goku; and wears a miniature version of Goku's karate Gi. Goten is usually happy, but has a habit for throwing tantrums to get something he wants.

Gotenks:Gotenks is the creature that results after Trunks and Goten perform the fusion dance. He has a tendency to over-dramaticize the situation a bit (Alright, a lot), and makes up names for all of his attacks. Since Gotenks is young and naive, he believes that he can defeat anyone. Most of his assaults are incredibly stupid and ineffective, but he'll squeeze in a few that do some damage.

King Kai: One of the four gods of the galaxy where Earth resides, Lord Kaio lives at the end of Snake Way on a tiny planet with tremendous gravity. Always confusing the Z warriors with his horrible puns, he's an excellent martial arts teacher (Although his methods are rather unorthodox). He lives with his pet monkey Bubbles and pupil Gregory. Using his antennae he is able to locate and communicate with others from a great distance, and often gives the Z warriors helpful advice.

Pan: Pan, also known as Pan-Chan, is Goku's granddaughter. She is the most powerful female in all of Dragonball. Pan is 1/4 Saiya-jin, and she is Gohan and Videl's daughter. Pan is very adventurous, and can get into trouble, usually with Trunks and Chibi Goku. Trunks, Goku, and Pan go everywhere together, she is the little sister they never had.

Piccolo:The Piccolo in the DBZ series is the sole offspring of Piccolo-Daimio from the original. Like his father, his intentions are evil. However, when Raditz threatens the Earth, he turns to the side of good and helps Goku. He later trains Gohan, and the kid helps Piccolo become a good, well-meaning person. Capable of regenerating body parts and manipulating his size and shape, Piccolo is a formidable fighter.

Trunks:Trunks is the first child of Vegeta and Bulma. There are two Trunks' in the DB universe: Future Trunks and Chibi Trunks. "Future Trunks" comes from a parallel universe 14 years in the future where evil androids rule the Earth. He goes back in time after the death of Furiza to prepare the Z warriors for the androids' arrival. So as not to prevent his own birth, he tells no one of his heritage, except Goku. "Chibi Trunks" is born a little before Future Trunks returns to his own time. He likes to hang out with Goten and they are very good friends. When he and Goten are together, he has a tendency to get them in trouble. Trunks is also sad that he does not have a brother like Goten does (Gohan). Trunks has purple hair and displays extreme levels of power, he reaches Super Saiya-jin when he is eight. Despite Trunks' ability to get Goten and himself in trouble, he means well.

Uub:Uub is the good-hearted human reincarnation of Majin Buu. He inherits Mr. Satan's title of World's Greatest Fighter, and faces Goku at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. At first, he appears not to have any great power, but Goku enrages him and he begins to fight with tremendous strength, to the point that he actually hurts Goku with a kick to the arm and strike to the chest. Goku trains with him for several years after the tournament, and he plays a fairly large role in DBGT.

Videl:Videl is Gohan's girlfriend and attends the same high school as he does. Gohan teaches Videl how to fly and fight, and she often helps the Great Saiyaman in his rounds. Chi-Chi wants Videl to marry her son, and does not hide her intentions. Videl and Gohan eventually marry, and have a baby girl named Pan.