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Vegeta: Now when some people see this name under good and evil it's only because Vegeta has been on both the evil and good side. When Vegeta was evil he worked for the evil Freiza; destroying evey planet and living thing Frieza wanted destroyed. It was Kakarot who brought Vegeta to the good side.

Raditz: Raditz was the first ever enemy to challenge the Z fighters and he caused a lot of trouble. He hert Krillen majorly, and tried to kill anyone else that stood in his way. Unfortunatly for Raditz Goku and Piccolo teamed up and when Goku had grabbed Raditz from behind, Piccolo hit Raditz with a Special Beam Cannon, this also killed Goku in the process but it was a risk he was willing to take.

Frieza: Frieza was one of the many Z warriors that wanted to kill Goku and destroy Earth. This all started when the DBZ fighters needed the dragonballs and had to go to Namek to gather them. When the Z fighters had got there, to their surprise, Frieza and his henchman had already got their, had 3 dragonballs, and was killing inosent Namekians. Gohan (being the sensitive type), wanted to kill Frieza for doing this and wish all the Nameks back, this however was impossible at his current power level, so Gohan and Krillen went to the Namek leader and got there hidden powers awakened.This allowed Gohan to stand up to the Elite 4 and fight them until Goku came. When Goku arrived he was Super strong(not super sayian but close) and he went after Frieza right away. When Goku found Frieza, Frieza was already in his final transformation and stronger than goku, but Frieza made a huge mistake, he killed krillen wich set off Gokus emotions and allowed him to become a Super Sayian. From then on he was only messing around with Frieza until Frieza pushed his luck too far and was sliced in half by his own move. Goku then finished him off with a final Kamehameha blast right to the face.

Cell: To some DBZ fans not much is known about him, but to a real fan a lot is known. Cell was first created from (of course) a cell and had 2 purposes in his life. One was to absorb the androids and second was to kill Goku. Of course Cell was able to absorb the androids, but what was really shocking wqas that Goku was killed in the battle for the world. Luckily Gohan was a Super Sayian 2 and was actually able to destroy Cell with a one handed Super Kamehameha.

Buu: Buu was the final yet hardest warrior for the Z fighters to deal with. Buu had about 6 different stages that he transformed into, given he can copy anything he absorbs. The first stage was fat buu as some call him on account that he is really fat. Fat Buu didn't like to fight, but when told too by his Master Babidi, he was indestructable, even for a Super Sayian 3 Goku. Near the end it was Hercule to the rescue, he ended up turning fat buu good and driving the evil buu out. This Buu was the begging of the second stage of Buu, and it was like this until Evil Buu absorbed Good Buu and became Super Buu wich is the second stage of Buu. This Buu destroyed every human on Earth and then went after the Z fighters, but thankfully it was Gotenks who was able to fend off Super Buu. He was able to fight Buu until he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo at the same time and became very powerfull. Luckily Gohan was training in other world and became very very powerfull when his new hidden powers were awakened. He could stand up to Buu even without transforming into a Super Sayian, but all hell broke loose when Gohan was absorbed and Buu was at top power and Buu had thought he was the only one left on Earth so he celebrated. This only lasted a bit because Goku and Vegeta had fused together to become Vegeto witch was able to kick Buu's ass. But eventually he to was absorbed but unlike everyone else he had a power sheild and was able to survive in Buu's body until he got out. But just before Goku and Vegeta got out, they pulled out good Buu and changed Super Buu into Kid Buu wich was a big mistake because Buu became the most powerfull thing ever and wanted to destroy everything in his path. Goku and Vegeta then transported to a deserted planet were Goku was able to defeat Buu with a Super Spirit Bomb.