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Shenron: Shenron is the mighty dargon that comes out of the dragonballs. It is said that the one who summons Shenron is allowed any one wish. This had interested many villians and created greed within them. The Z fighters however only used them to bring back dead allies or killed civilians; they even had to wish the Earth itself back from destruction.


Oozaru: The famous giant monkey call Oozaru is one furosious monster. It starts when sayians have their tale grown and look at a full moon. This is all similar to how a warewolf transforms and rsults in similar consequences. Oozarus are unstoppable unless you can somehow cut their tale off. When you do this they return to there human form and become human again. Now depending on when you transform depends on what you look like. If you transform in normal stage you have the regular power, but if you transform at full power you can harness the power and (like Goku), you can possibly transorm to Super Sayian 4.



Broly: Broly is the only Legendary Super Sayian and only has one pupose in life. That one pupose is to desroy Goku. No one knows exactly why Broly is like this but he ended up diing a crushed man.